Water is one of the single most important components of life and it’s also one of the most used elements in the textile industry from the agricultural phase to the end of the life cycle during washing.

Talha Group is passionate to eliminate any wastage.

Hence we are working on many of the products to save as much water as possible in their operations.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Water is crucial for the synthesis of life. Hence, Talha Group knows that the only way to protect the future of life is to stop the second polluting industry from eliminating or drastically reducing water use by investing in ZLD technology as soon as possible.

Rainwater Harvesting

Water processing is required to reduce the hardness of the underground water, which takes excess energy. Talha Group invests in a sustainable solution to efficiently use soft and clean water by harvesting rainwater through our holistic collective system.

Material Choice

All of our chemicals, dyes, and basic chemicals are chosen from certified international companies that follow strict pro human rights standards and environmental and health safety standards to meet the high standards of Talha Group.

Steam Reduction

Talha Group, recognizes that steam is not bountiful, and it’s costly for the planet because the process takes both water and heat from the gas to make a single unit. That means it’s inefficient, so we invested in EGB Boilers that require no extra heat to convert water to steam, and we have all machines equipped with insulation to reduce any loss in the production system. Like water, we monitor all the consumption and production, and we use the suitable material and conditions for sustainability efficiently.

Eliminate Reprocessing

Dyeing is the most water incentive aspect of the entire Textile, and it’s the water that extra chemical to neutralize and treat before releasing into the natural environment. Hence, we use automated software, IoT, and recipe design to eliminate excess pollutants in the first place.

Water Reduction

Talha Group, has become the most efficient user of earthly materials. Since its establishment, Talha Group and its people are always cautious about the quantity of water used in the pre-production, production, and post-production processes. With integrated IoT software and dyeline recipe design for each article, we are already at the top when it comes to water conservation.