Founder’s Journey

Abdullah Talha, the youngest son of Nurul Islam, carries on the family legacy established by his father as the founder of the Noman Group of Industries. Since its inception in 1968, the group has grown from a modest synthetic fabric manufacturer for local markets into a textile powerhouse in Bangladesh, leading the nation in capacity, revenue, and quality across multiple sectors, including home textiles, terry towels, denim, woven, yarn, synthetic knits, and accessories.

  • Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited.
  • Zaber & Zubair Accessories Limited.
  • Nice Spinning Limited.
  • Talha Fabrics Limited.
  • Artex Fabrics Limited.
  • Artex Knit Ltd.
  • Noman Fabrics Limited. – 1
  • Noman Fabrics Limited. – 2
  • Marium Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Sufia Fabrics Limited. – 1
  • Sufia Fabrics Limited. – 2
  • Sufia Fabrics Limited. – 3


Mr. Talha joined the family business amidst the 2008 financial crisis and during turbulent political times in Bangladesh. He faced numerous challenges, including the largest collapse in Bangladesh’s stock market history and significant fluctuations in the global cotton industry. Despite these obstacles, Mr. Talha successfully took control of the situation.


Noman Terry Towel Limited – Yarn Dyeing, a subsidiary of Talha Group, consistently received the National Export Gold Trophy from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


In 2012, Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited invested in Bangladesh’s 3rd largest yarn dyeing factory, which also became the first in quality and service for the export industry.


Zaber and Zubair Accessories Limited, another Talha Group subsidiary, received the National Export Silver Trophy for 2012-2013.
Talha Fabrics Limited was awarded the National Export Bronze Trophy for 2012-2013.


In 2014, Mr. Talha began digitalizing his companies by implementing the Oracle ERP system.


In 2016, Noman Terry Towel Limited and Talha Fabrics Limited jointly invested in Bangladesh’s largest Jacquard Machines capability.
Zaber and Zubair Accessories Limited received the National Export Bronze Trophy again for 2014-2015.
Talha Fabrics Limited financed a second gas line for industries in the Vawal Area during the 2016 gas crisis.


In 2017, Zaber and Zubair Accessories Limited expanded, doubling their capacity and consolidating operations in a single location.
That same year, Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited invested in the largest solar power project in the sector, generating 1MW per day.


In 2018, Talha Fabrics Limited modernized its facilities with state-of-the-art air jet looms.


Talha Group financed repairing the main road in Mirapur, which heavy rains had damaged.

Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited received the Tax Card Award in 2019 for being among the highest taxpayers in Bangladesh. Additionally, Standard Chartered Bank awarded Mr. Talha the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Commerce on behalf of the Noman Group. The same year, Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited received the prestigious President’s Industrial Development Award in the Medium Industry Category.

In 2019, ThePrestige.Global was established by Mr. Talha as a multi-platform magazine catering to the Bangladeshi audience. Its mission is to showcase a contemporary and chic lifestyle for its readers.

By 2019, Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited became one of the world’s top 5 terry towel mills.


In 2020, Talha Group began directly supplying the Government to support law enforcement and the Bangladesh Army. Noman Terry Towels Mills Limited again received the prestigious President’s Industrial Development Award, ranking first in the Medium Industry Category.

Founded in 2020 by Mr. Talha, Talha Group expanded its business interests by investing in diverse industries.

Within the Textile sector, Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited earned the Tax Card Award for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2021, achieving the status of the third-highest taxpayer in Bangladesh.


In 2022, Mr. Talha received the prestigious Distinguished Industry Leaders Award from the IEOM Society for contributing to Bangladesh’s engineering field.

That same year, in 2022, Artex Mills Group, a subsidiary of Talha Group, became the world’s largest producer of both tactical and home synthetic knit products.

In 2022, ascended to Bangladesh’s 8th most widely circulated and highly respected magazine.


In 2023, the Talha Group introduced Bangladesh’s largest integrated spinning mills, featuring cutting-edge automation and efficiency for producing courser count, blended yarns, and Open End products.

Mr. Talha also celebrated his first victories in the Dhaka and Biman Half Marathon in 2023.

Following a tragic earthquake in Turkey in 2023, Talha Group made a generous contribution to the relief efforts to aid those affected by the disaster.

In 2023, Talha Group introduced Qarar, a diverse brand platform offering top-notch fashion and homeware products in a single marketplace.