Right now, there is no planet like earth, and there will be never a more significant planet for our species ever, as it marked the beginning of our race, and it’s the platform all greatness has come so far,

Talha’s group ever-growing mission to protect it at all cost is unwavering.

Protecting the climate is not an individual task, it’s a frontal coalition between the nations, all major industries, and multi-national bodies, but it does not supplier responsibility to protect this planet.

Solar Power

Green Energy is becoming the norm in many parts of the world; Solar Panel has posed as an available alternative power source for our low load energy and power requirement. In our Group, we have installed around 600 KW, and we will continue to invest in cleaner energy which will be suitable and available in Bangladesh.


LEDs are currently the most power-efficient and sustainable market for mass use. Talha Group has replaced all the lights as possible across its facilities. The general lifecycle and the per-unit cost are far lower than the closest alternative, Compact Fluorescent Lamp and Incandescent Lamp. Although the investment is not the most affordable among the three choices, there is no cost too great to protect the future.

Carbon Offset

Talha Group is on its way to becoming carbon neutral within 2030 with its roadmap to reforesting and the afforesting equivalent of emission released in the air.

Carbon Positive

Talha Group will become carbon positive by 2040 by investing in cleaner energy sources and efficient machinery and materials. We have roadmaps to secure a sustainable and carbon-neutral supply chain.