Supplier Outreach

Talha Group is a large conglomerate with many opportunities to support suppliers to meet the global ESG goals. These suppliers are large to small businesses or just a group of individuals. To ensure that our entire supply chain from parts to raw materials to stationeries are sustainable and socially protected, Talha Group incentivizes its suppliers to follow social compliance such as human rights, labor laws, workplace hygiene and security, fair pay among genders. Talha Group has a clear roadmap to ensure both sustainability and socially compliant across the entire supply chain.

Protect Human Rights

Talha Group always protected human rights in and outside its business operations. Talha Group now targets establishing human rights across its supply chain and procurement process. Talha Group is currently developing its platform to encourage human rights compliance among the uninitiated called the “Talha Way” through Talha Foundation, a registered non-profit organization in Bangladesh. Talha Group imposes fair wages on their suppliers to protect their rights.

Labor Law

The legal system protects the rights of the people, and in Talha Group’s supply chain, we make sure those rights are respected. Hence our platform and audit teams advise and help implement labor rights through the labor laws of laborers who work in our vendors. Although we cannot establish it in our international supply chain, we only buy from certified or responsibly managed sources.

Vendor Competitiveness & Ethics

Talha groups promote healthy competition by establishing well-trained buyers who understand the value of ethical sourcing. Talha Group’s Buyers pursue social and sustainable suppliers as a priority. Talha Group makes sure that smaller and medium-sized suppliers face no anti-competition from more prominent and more established firms. All make sure no unethical activities are taken place in the supply chain.

Other Measures

Safe Workplace

Ensuring the proper workplace safety first comes with the knowledge of risks and precautions. Talha Group informs the suppliers on workplace occupation hazards and safety and leads them by example.

Animal Rights

None of Talha Group’s products involve the usages or processing of animal materials.

Payment To Small Vendors

To support small vendors and supplier Talha Group also offer better payment facilities to make it easier for smaller vendors to maintain a healthy cash flow.


Talha Group’s duty to ensure equal opportunities for all genders, sexualities, sex, ethnicity, nationality, background, and the like.

Environmental Protection

Talha Group seeks to protect the environment by securing supply chain and procurement from responsible and certified suppliers with proper documentation and traceability of the material safety, technical documentation, waste management process, and their commitment to preserving the ecosystem.

Packaging and

Talha Group’s packaging, accessories, and trims are sourced and collected from sustainable and socially compliant suppliers. Most of the raw materials are certified by international organizations like FSC, GRS. Talha groups are transitioning towards fully recycled plastic or poly products covered by GRS.

Carbon Neutrality by 2040

To ensure that Talha Group reaches carbon zero by 2040, it will provide that its supply chain is on the same track. Hence, Talha Group openly promotes the standard required to work with Talha Group, but Talha Group ensures gradual transformation, avoiding overburdening the vendors.