Gender, Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy

TALHA GROUP is committed to empowering women and others to advance communities. We know no organization can succeed if it excludes the talents and voices of a massive world population. Ensuring all genders can reach their full potential in society is critical to attaining gender equality and women's empowerment, and sustainable development outcomes.

TALHA GROUP's vision is of a prosperous and peaceful world where all genders can enjoy equal economic, social, cultural, civil, and human rights and are equally empowered to secure better lives for themselves, families, communities, and countries. We aim to achieve more significant and more sustainable development outcomes by integrating gender equality and women's empowerment throughout our work.


TALHA GROUP believes that gender equality and empowerment are fundamental for realizing unalienable human rights and are critical to effective and sustainable development outcomes. For societies to thrive, women and girls must have equitable and safe access to resources, such as education, health care, capital, technology, land, markets, and justice. They also must have equal rights and opportunities as business owners, peacebuilders, and leaders. Equality between women, girls, men, and boys improves the overall quality of life for all people across their lifespan.  


1. Marketing and branding in social media and announcement.
2. Unbiased hiring process.
3. Opportunity for the existing competent & skilled women workers for staffs and officer's vacant position.
4. Ensure safety and a decent working environment.
5. Training and development.

Strategic Objectives


Wage equality between women and men for similar work.

The ratio of estimated female-to-male get employment opportunities.

The difference between female and male participation rates in the labor force.

The ratio of women to men among legislators, senior officials, and managers; and women to men among professional and technical workers.

Reduce disparities between women and men in access to, control, and benefit from economic, social, educational, and cultural resources, wealth, opportunities, and services.

Strive to eliminate gender-based violence, which affects women's ability to thrive and succeed, and mitigate its harmful effects on individuals and communities so that all people can live healthy and productive lives.

Initiative for Women Employees

  • Equal job opportunity for all.  
  • Performance-based salary and benefit for all.  
  • Grading-based increment for all.  
  • Respect to all.  
  • Performance-based promotion for all.  
  • Decent working hours for all.  
  • Safety and secured work environment.  

Under the better work project, we have Gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) program and committee to secure safety for our women employees.  

GBVH, including sexual harassment, is incompatible with decent work yet remains pervasive worldwide, irrespective of sector or income. Sexual harassment is the most frequently reported form of GBVH.1 Globally, more than 30 percent of women over the age of 15 have experienced physical and sexual violence, roughly 50 percent have experienced sexual harassment, and 10 percent have experienced harassment online.

TALHA GROUP is committed to preventing and ending GBVH by adopting legislation and policies that guarantee equal rights, particularly for all genders also genders belonging to one or more vulnerable groups who are disproportionately affected by violence and harassment the organization of work.  


Legally prohibit violence and harassment.  
Ensure that relevant policies address violence and harassment.  
Establish enforcement and monitoring mechanisms or strengthen existing tools.  
Guarantee access to remedies and reparation, as well as support for victims.  
Adopt a comprehensive strategy to implement measures to prevent and combat violence and harassment.
Develop educational, training tools, guidelines, and activities and raise awareness in accessible formats as appropriate.  
Ensure the existence of effective means of inspection and investigation in cases of violence and harassment.