Product Safety

There is no other way of confirming your genuine care towards your consumers without taking responsibility to ensure product safety for both the consumers and any intermediaries in between. Product safety is an expensive endeavor that Talha Group did not overlook and invested massively in human knowledge and physical infrastructure. Talha Group is certified ISO 9001 to ISO 17025 to maintain every inventory finished or unfinished through the operational sites to be safe.

Internal & External Testing

Talha Group has an international standard testing lab certified by ISO 17025, BAB, with splendid leadership. All batches go through the testing process in the internal lab before moving to the next steps. In addition, we do round-robin tests, randomly picking products from production, trying those from external labs. Talha Group confirms & meets the external testing of APEO, FORMALDEHYDE, ORGANOTINE, PAH, and other requirements.


Chemical has an enormous contribution to making a product safe or unsafe. Talha Group is OEKOTEX and Detox certified to ensure the use of Zero hazard chemicals. In addition, we always emphasize more sustainable and safer chemicals like AVITERA and EARTH color and innovate ways to eliminate or reduce chemicals. All our chemicals comply with REACH standards. All process passes through robust inspection and internal testing verified by ISO 17025 and Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) to meet the requirements.

Process Scheme

Selecting all the material and process parameters is not enough to make a safe product until it’s maintained. We standardize the process with a process scheme defining all the parameters like chemical concentration, process temperature, time, and other production parameters, so all the batches have the same level of safety and precision. The chemical suppliers also evaluate process schemes to ensure safety hazards.

Other Measures


Product risk assessment is one of the keys to a safe product. We do Product Failure Mode Effect Analysis before starting any new product development. It identifies all the potential failures to take the necessary action to make a safe product.


Talha Group has an established traceability system from product to fiber, process, and chemicals, ensuring complete supply chain transparency.

Product Audit

Randomized and unannounced product audits play a vital role in identifying any deviation in the product and another improvement potential. Talha Group does random product audits, including inspection, testing, traceability, home test, and external tests if required.


A safe product’s first and foremost step is a safe and sustainable material. Talha Group ensures the material used is from sustainable sources like BCI, CMIA, ORGANIC, Recycle and similarly verified certified and well-known organizations.

Home Test

Zero series is a small batch of production before the move for the bulk. It’s a different level of checkpoints to ensure safety and quality. During the start of any new product development, zero series is a mandatory part, and it’s being inspected, audited, tested. Once all is confirmed, move for the bulk.

Gate Check Council

After the development process, we do a gate check council with diversified people who have no product knowledge once completed. So, they can give us feedback or improvement potential in terms of 3rd eye customer points of view.