Packaging is essential for creating an experience for a safe and secure product for the distributors, customers and, the product themselves. Identifying the best packaging design includes several guidelines, including environmental-friendly material, ethically sourced, protective, and promoting circularity.

Recycled Packaging

It is imminent to guard our planet and our future; Talha Group seeks to source and manufacture recycled materials wherever possible. Talha Group collaborates with its suppliers and third-party certification across the entire supply chain to use recycled products.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourced

Deforestation and the mismanagement of plastics continuously cause climate change, damage to life on land and water, pollution, and poverty worldwide. Hence Talha Group follows measures to only source from certified and verified suppliers and farmers.


Talha Group’s packaging rigorously avoids all materials and processes harmful to people and animals. All our processes are certified and verified by third-party auditors and bodies.