Our corporation believes in fostering a strong connection with the communities we serve. Community engagement is a significant part of our company's ethos, as it allows us to understand the unique needs of our stakeholders and create solutions tailored to those needs. By actively participating in local activities and discussions, we ensure our work harmonizes with the community's aspirations. Our firm belief is that impactful community engagements improve the quality of life within these communities and promote a sense of mutual respect and understanding, ultimately contributing to societal growth and development.

Education Program for Society (School, College, and Education Centers) Countrywide.

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society. We are dedicated to improving the educational landscape in Chittagong by investing in comprehensive programs for local schools and madrasahs. Our initiatives range from providing learning materials to funding infrastructural upgrades to nurturing a conducive learning environment.

We recognize the diverse cultural fabric of Bangladesh and celebrate it by ensuring inclusivity in our programs. Investing in our children’s future directly contributes to the community’s intellectual growth and economic development. Talha Group and its affiliates have constructed and established many colleges and schools around Bangladesh, including government-supported, and helped many other organizations build hundreds of schools.

Adult Education Program

We understand the power of education extends beyond childhood. Our Adult Education Program seeks to empower adults who missed out on earlier educational opportunities. This program offers a range of courses, from literacy and numeracy to vocational training, helping participants gain skills for employment and self-improvement. Providing educational opportunities to adults fosters lifelong learning, reduces inequality, and fuels economic growth by creating a more skilled workforce. Talha Group affiliates have provided many community members to acquire jobs within our organizations and affiliates.

Adhoc Basis Support Operations

We understand that each community has unique needs and challenges. Our Need-Based system supports the needy people in the communities from our charitable vehicles.


Cleaning Week

A clean environment is critical to a healthy lifestyle. Our Cleaning Week initiative is a community-wide effort to maintain cleanliness and promote hygiene in public spaces. This initiative helps foster a sense of pride in our surroundings and raises awareness about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, reducing disease risk and improving public health. A cleaner environment encourages community participation and engagement, enhancing the overall quality of life.


Tree Plantation

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our Tree Plantation initiative. By planting trees, we aim to improve local biodiversity, sequester carbon dioxide, and enhance the community’s aesthetic appeal. This initiative contributes to the global fight against climate change and brings local benefits such as shade and beautification. Encouraging communities to participate in these initiatives fosters a sense of responsibility for the environment, promotes healthy living, and improves overall community well-being.  


Road Construction

Good infrastructure is fundamental for a community's development and prosperity. Our involvement in road construction projects ensures better connectivity and accessibility within the community. Improved roads reduce commuting time, enhance safety, and facilitate the smooth running of local businesses.

This leads to economic upliftment by opening up new opportunities for trade, employment, and tourism. Talha Group and its affiliates have constructed public roads in Mirzapur and Tongi, Bangladesh, with funds for public safety and communal duty.

Women Empowerment Program

Recognizing the critical role of women in society, our Women Empowerment Program is designed to support and uplift women by providing resources, opportunities, and training.

We aim to facilitate women's participation in economic activities, enhance their leadership skills, and promote gender equality. Empowering women leads to diverse and inclusive development, stimulating economic growth and promoting social well-being.

Personal Finance Management Program

Financial literacy is integral to personal and community development. Our Personal Finance Management Program is designed to educate individuals on managing finances effectively. We provide training on budgeting, savings, investments, and understanding financial risks and opportunities.

This program empowers individuals to make informed decisions, leading to financial independence and stability. A financially literate community is more likely to experience economic growth, be less debt-prone, and more prepared for financial uncertainties.

Talha Group-affiliated companies and its charitable vehicles provide micro-donations to community members to alleviate poverty, establish small businesses, or mediate short-term financial needs for medical and emergency funds.