We are Pioneers. Perfectionists. Progressives.

Founded by Abdullah Mohammad Talha, the Talha group incorporates county leading conglomerates including the country’s leading vertically integrated textile group, the company with the highest capacity and highest turnover in a year. Talha Group provides a complete solution in aspects of  Spinning, Dyeing, knitting, fabrics manufacturing, printing & packaging, arts & entertainment, and lifestyle products. 

We are known as the highest exporting company with a revenue of 1 billion dollars a year, with the capacity of producing, 80-ton terry and 25-ton yarn a day, with the largest effluent plant, creating new benchmarks with cutting edge technology, vision, and versatility in all the aspects we work in. Alongside this, we also have affiliation with the government of Bangladesh and multiple CSR initiatives.

7500 Co-Workers

We are a big family of 7500 Workers and Employees working in perfect harmony.

$95 Million

We made a revenue of 95 Million US dollar in the year 2019.

80 Tonnes

We have a large capacity of 80 Tonnes daily terry dying.

26 Tonnes

We have a large capacity of 26 Tonnes daily yarn dying.

Largest ETP in Bangladesh

Effluent Treatment Plant is a waste water treatment method that purifies industrial waste water for reuse.

11 Spinning Units

We have 11 Spinning Units in our facility.

180000 Tonnes

Our production units uses 180000 Tonnes cotton per year.

80 Tonnes

We have a large capacity of 80 Tonnes daily weaving production.

Managing Director’s Note

“A vision to make a revolution.”

With the vision to change and experiences over decades, the Talha group aims to establish a bold statement, not only among the local conglomerates but also among the international competitors. To establish the vision with leadership and passion, we have established state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge technologies, bringing the vision come alive and turning them into reality. To move towards sustainability with are integrating technologies with nature, using the latest technologies life effluent treatment plan to move towards a safe and sustainable tomorrow. The competitive pricing, unparallel quality, and the commitment to serve the best enable us towards a smooth business and client & consumer satisfaction. With this impressive track record, I believe we will keep on leaving examples for our competitors globally.

I am optimistic that the initiatives will continue their growth and create more value for the clients and society. I would like to thank you for your continued support.

Abdullah Mohammad Talha
Managing Director

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Phone: +88 01755 639 565
Fax: 880-2-9565282, 9564336
Email: info@nttml.com

Manufacturing Plant:
Vawal, Mirzapur, Gazipur 1703 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Marketing Office:
House 19, Road 44, Gulshan 2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

For any and all questions concering a project or any inquiery, please just drop us an email.